Dealing with the Leaves During the Fall Season

It is normal that we can see the leaves from the trees to turn yellow or orange and they would start to fall and this is the reason why this season is called autumn or fall due to the fact that the leaves of the trees are falling down and wait until the spring season comes to see the beautiful and new leaves. Of course, we all know that the leaves could be a good source of fertilizer once they are already decomposed and you don’t need to worry about it being scatted on the ground because of this matter but you need to think as well that you to make the place or your garden beautiful and clean especially when your kids are playing there. If you have the landscaping maintenance service Nanaimo to do this, then you don’t have to worry too much and you don’t need to think deeply about the different steps and the process to do in order to remove the leaves and what do to with the leaves there.  


Of course, if you know that you have lots of trees around the place, then you could collect them under the tree and make used of this one as a kind of mulch and it gives a good benefit to the nutrients and minerals of the plants to grow. If you don’t have any plans then this could be the easier one so that you can make a good use of the leaves and create an organic fertilizer so that it would not pollute and hurt the plants and even to the vegetables and flowering plants you have. You may collect them as long as it would not ruin your backyard and you can collect the different kinds of falling leaves to be more useful in the coming days or in the future. There are times that you can collect some sticks or branches and twigs of the trees which is very annoying something to step on but you need get them and make this one useful by making the fire for cooking.  


You may collect the leaves by using the rake that you have and make sure that you will gather them in one place to avoid spreading them around the area or if you have the pit, then you could throw them there and use for the fertilizer ideas. Of course, it is your prerogative if you are going to hire someone like the professional one so that they could do the job very well.  


If you don’t have trees, then you can place some of the leaves to the vegetables or pour them to the potted plants so that it will service as a fertilizer for plants. Some people may burn the leaves as this could be the easiest way to remove them but you need to know as well that it is harmful to the environment and air.  

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